Kimuli Isaac CEO/Founder

Kimuli Isaac CEO/Founder

The Dream Foundation of Uganda is a non-profit children development organization established with mandate of involving children in the fight against HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, corruption and poverty through participatory and advocacy activities. Our aim and steering goal is to promote education, promote the health of children and their overall welfare, reduce corruption and the effects of HIV/AIDS. We help children discover; develop their talents and special abilities, and empower them to utilize the same in the fight against HIV/AIDS, poverty, illiteracy, and corruption.

The NGO offers orphanage care services, foster care services, counseling, improving livelihoods of orphans and vulnerable children through participatory and advocacy activities in the areas of agriculture, information and research and other community empowerment activities to enable vulnerable groups enhance their Godly given skills and potentials.

Society is facing acute challenges caused by the predators of Poverty, Illiteracy, corruption and HIV/AIDS. Children who are the most affected can be equipped in the struggle against them.


about (3)The Dream Foundation of Uganda was founded by Mr. Kimuli Isaac in 2009about (2) as an effort towards a free community from HIV/AIDS, poverty, illiteracy, corruption, and their effects are up to now only a dream, but can be realized. Isaac has a passion for children and his work with them brought him to the realization that although children are the most affected by the above mentioned problems, they can be instruments in fighting them. Many people die with unrealized dreams due to hindrances in the form social evils. Once these are fought, many can reach their dreams.

Since 2009, the organization has been involved in HIV/AIDS Awareness and Sensitization programmes, Poverty alleviation programmes, Education programmes, and Orphanage care activities. The organization has acquired many volunteers from different communities.

These have disseminated information and offered counseling services to Children of different communities and have offered referral where possible.



 “Empowering children Through Education”


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