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October 8th, 2018 | Dream Foundation

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Posted by Jimena from pain
We came here with balloons, and play with 40 kids doing polaroids,
pictures, and drawings. Great experience, we hope there are more
people helping this foundation. I love to be here with kids!

3rd /August/2018
Posted by Jaume Fradera from Spain
I was to tell you that we had an amazing experience in Uganda that
never I will forget. Isaac, the staff and all the lovely children that
received us with their smiles, dances, and songs gave us much more
than we brought for them. We can only say thanks for all that and
encourage people to visit it. Sure if you permit, we will return!



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  1. My wife and family visited Isaac at his office in Kampala where we met his volunteers and were surrounded by over 50 happy, grateful smiling children of all ages. We also visited 3 mothers and their children at their homes nearby – most had HIV. We took them a donation of sugar, bread and basic groceries. The womens’ smiles of gratitude and eyes reflecting their suffering were images we will never forget. Their accommodation wouldn’t be suitable for animals in the West.

    On the outskirts of Masaka, in a remote, rural village we visited a small orphanage for a dozen children which was used to help orphans transition to hopeful care in a foster home. Again we were surrounded by 60 children (most already in foster care). Many did not wear shoes and the boys played soccer in the yard with a large ball made of string (very effective). They stood in lines and accepted their pens, paper and sweets and bowed politely to us Mzungu’s (foreigners).

    Isaac and his team of volunteers are in the midst of an astonishing mission in Uganda and I was most impressed that with so little they receive from donations, jobs and sale of crafts they are able to stretch and help so many. Isaac mentioned he has helped more than 400 children since starting his mission only 10 years ago.

    I would like to encourage anyone who reads this message to send a donation to this worthy and very much needed cause. You will know that you have helped atleast one woman or child who still is burdened with a life of poverty, HIV and illiteracy. Together we can help remove those burdens and give these beautiful people the hope they deserve.

  2. I want to thank Isaac and his workers, helpers firstly in making our visit to the hospice valuable and memorable. Family members and I were overwhelmed with the excitement and gratitude with smiles from the children residing in the hospice. Appreciative on the stationary items, cloths we gave out to the individual children of about 50. Experiencing the difference in the children’s behaviour at the hospice to the children back in the Western worlds and how we take things for granted. These children have the bare minimum of items and grateful for the little things that they have to make do with i.e. sleeping in limited space, not having some of the essential items we have and they have to work 3 times hardest to get these or not at all for the children in the hospice such as shoes, decent cloths to wear to school and every day.
    I hope and pray that the Dream Foundation of Uganda receives further help with funding for the Charitable Organisation and the dedicated work of Isaac and his brother, workers that keep the foundation alive. Thus helping those children that may be HIV positive and supporting foster carers that look after these children.
    Best Wishes
    Anil and Nanda

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